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10 pieces for solo piano


available from these and other reputable purveyors of quality online music services:

about the music

and other sarcastic ruminations about life, composing, and stuff.

about the music

i composed the 10 pieces on this album over the last 5 years. i know that’s totally super slow but, just like a lot of other independent musicians, i have a day job.

so i have to keep doing that in order to keep doing this.

the thing you might notice about my style of composition is the apparent lack of melody. but that would be apparently wrong. it is just shy.

i’m not responding to a musical style, or trying to further a school of collective thinking. i’m just doing this because i love doing it.

i seem to have a leaning toward odd meters, complex chords, and pieces that stretch my technique. you must have big hands to play my music.

i don’t write anything down until the piece is complete. then it is a matter of discovery for meter and key. and why, why, why can’t they make notation software that is intuitive? i mean really.

about the recording

this will probably be the last “album” i record. i don’t think it will be controversial to say that the internet killed the album.

i composed, performed, recorded, and mixed the album.

i’m obsessive about microphone placement.

i’m obsessed with rhythmic accuracy.

i wanted the recording to sound just like it sounds to me.

Suggestions for putting a label on my box:

Minimal impressionism?

Impressionistic Minimalism?


Post impressionism?

Piano music?


“was up with the no caps, all caps?”

if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand the answer.

“do you tour?”

i try to do a few concerts every year but i mostly guilt my friends into coming.

“how would you describe your music?”

see my suggestions above.

“what’s next?”

i feel the need to write for strings.


about the album cover

this is me at 8 and 58

my dad took the picture of young me on a trip through london.

one day i realized that i have pretty much the same raincoat and thought it would be interesting to see them side by side.

i photographed the old me in my backyard using a green-screen.

here are a few examples of the music

in case you can’t figure out how to follow the links above